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students ranked 21st in science and 26 in a map. askedr of code initiative people to spend our coding. it kicks off computer science education week. org.s sponsored by code. here is president obama. notearning these skills are important for your future but for our country's are. if you want america to stem the cutting edge tom a we need young americans to master the tools and technology that will change how you do just about everything. >> they are giving coding tips from entrepreneurs included this guy, mark zuckerberg. >> if i wanted to wish everybody on facebook and happy birthday by sending an e-mail, it might take more than a century to write out all the e-mails. with a few lines of code, i can have a system to send an e-mail to everybody on facebook. that is why they are valuable. francisco us from san is the cofounder of whether that mark zuckerberg, what is the point of this? >> it is great to be here. that weioned earlier are lagging in math and science. at least every school in america does teach math and teach science. only one in 10 schools teach computer science
gross margins have fallen. milking big data could be the key. >> this is a new science. we are trying to understand that. raji arasu is the chief technology officer. >> where we are taking it to the next level is what that consumers might be intending to do. >> for years i bought tickets from a site called mr. ticket. but stubhub sets the market is like a new york stock exchange and nasdaq. >> mr. ticket's phone is ringing off the hook. [laughter] >> it has really sucked up the industry. >> it is time for the bwest byte. >> there are so many ideas of what ebay is. it is constantly inventing stuff. >> steve said they have specifically filed 35 patents that are pending. >> we did a piece early in the program of the culture of people who are hired here. >> what kind of patents? >> i do not know the specifics. there are young people who are highly motivated and they get the pace of the ebay story. by the way when they learn it is not necessarily an auction, when they think about the ways for commerce to be facilitated by 2014, what are some things they could be cooking on -- >> how many p
works political science and international affairs. to see a guy with his experience and conviction, yet still his embrace and outreach to the united states, and frankly, to world leaders globally. he at one time could deal with the president's vision at the same time dealing with the president of libya and the he ad of the palestinian authority. he was a really man who reached widely for the purpose of bringing peace to this world. havebassador frazer, you met with many leaders from all over the world, particularly in africa. you have experience in kenya, zimbabwe, somalia. what did nelson mandela mean for africa? >> nelson mandela is the symbol of freedom in africa. many of the people across the continent rallied behind the veryapartheid struggle, a long struggle. remember, the national african congress actually started in 1914, and the country did not move to nonracial democratic governance until my 294, which was always the goal of the anc. and whether one is from nigeria or tanzania or closer to home, mozambique, across africa people rallied behind the anc in that struggle. i think
margins. milking big data could be the key to improving it. we are is a new science trying to develop and trying to understand that. >> stub hub's chief technology officer. already.w buyers where we are taking it to the next level is understanding user's pick data. it is what they are might be intending to do. >> for more on the inter--- innerworkings of ebay, jeff on how the auction site has grown and what problems it will face in his -- in its expansion. campushnson is at ebay's as we speak. , into anclearly grown online giant. tell us this scale of ebay right now. >> it is really big. hard to conceive. use ebaye who do not regularly, it is hard to imagine how big the businesses. it is regularly doing over $3 billion in every quarter and still growing quite a bit. one of the more interesting numbers is the growth in users. it continues to see double-digit growth in almost every important metric. it is an interesting business. at heral, one of its known brands, with an ebay, tell us about the growth of paypal. growth has been explosive. there have been important acquisitions. the num
and sectors represented in the future 50. about science -- are we going to come back the linkages that exist between university science technology -- are we making enough of those links? are we doing enough? today we made some very exciting announcements. college -- they have imperial west and they have 41 startups over to the westfield .on -- complex in west london we're working with universities to tap into the innovation that is inside their knowledge base and inspire those guys and give them what they need. ups --upporting scale like what we have done with the future 50 and removing all the barriers for those companies that would prohibit or inhibit them from reaching our public markets in the u.k. >> the story is a fascinating one. but we are still in the foothills. signifies this report that the london economy has made a change. instead of just relying on financial services, we have another robust sector. 50 companies are proof of that -- the future 50. we will see these companies grow and evolve and this they make their home in the u.k. and potentially list year, the growth in him job
filtered through the imagination. the birds was as close as he got to science fiction. you need a detail that is extraordinary. .he lady vanishes he needs the lady vanishing. >> you have said horror has been .iven a bad reputation >> i think what i want is varied that whatever genre is sincere. at some point we started with and quickly followed. they are so beautiful these presentations. .e spent weeks it was very satisfactory and beautiful. >> the paying would series, what is that? i was asked to write a new introduction. it was very well storied. i wanted to show some of the genre.xamples of the we were reintroducing an offer that was very neglected. that was very neglected and was out of print for a long time. to write a primer for people buying that collection for the first time. brothers worken together. collaborating.o >> or we would create a great story of murder because we would murder each other. the idea of collaborating, every time i visit his editing room, it is his editing room. you don't put three in the same project. there is only one. brothers can do it. else are you work
federal has funded the project from day one from the science and technology council. >> they wanted to support because part of the statement is, look at us. mexico can produce beautiful sports cars. >> may be in the beginning but now it is. we produce in low volumes. the kind of project we can now see in mexico. >> coming up, the latest housing higheris out and despite mortgage rates, home buyers are snatching up new homes. the housinging market reach new heights? we will sit down and find out when "bottom line" on bloomberg television continues in just one moment. ♪ >> welcome back. this is "bottom line" on bloomberg television, streaming on your tablet, phone, and americans went on a home-buying binge in october. home sale rising by 25%. that is the biggest rise. still, new data from september showed the market was weaker than expected area of higher mortgage rates are to blame. the manager of digital risk. mortgages in the u.s.. thank you for coming on. how much weight do you give one months worth of a tech? >> it was probably two months worth of data. we had the
. >> this is a new science. we're trying to step up and understand that. >> raji arasu is the chief technology officer. >> we know the buyers' buying patterns already. we're taking it to the next level by understanding the click rate. what they might intend to do. it is not about selling one ticket per second. >> interesting stuff. it has dramatically changed the ticket business. >> we all know about that. thank you, cory. payment power may be taking off. the marketplace is still the core of the company. how are they keeping their digital shopping business booming? that is next. ♪ >> welcome back to a special edition of "bloomberg west." i'm emily chang. while ebay's payments business is clearly booming, the core of the company is still in its ebay marketplace. as more retailers offer their own marketplace, how are they making their marketplace better? jon erlichman is back with more. >> you are right about that. the marketplace is more than half of the revenue. two thirds of the operating income. the guy who runs the business -- i found myself wondering what he was buying this holiday seaso
johannesburg. we can bring in a guest from there. we will bring in a professor of political science and currently the vice chancellor of the university of -- who joins us from johannesburg. thank you for joining us. thank you for giving us your time. the mood within the country right now. an important is moment. it is a time of mourning. for lifeelebration that has been magnificently lived. a life that was in service of the african continent and more importantly, in service of humanity. there appears that that they are singing. they are singing in appreciation for a life that was magnificently lived. >> he lived to a fine old age. would you say that reconciliation with in south africa is one of the ways that he is fondly remembered? >> i think that that is something that he is. i think the reconciliation initiatives absolutely gave south africa breathing room. buildeathing room democratic institutions. to build an independent judiciary. south africa has problems with inequality, corruption and other challenges. firmly society that is established. nelsonfrica holds mandela on interna
compresses ebay's margins. be the key data may to improving. >> this is a new science. we are trying to understand it. buyers are buying things already. data. understanding what they might be intending to do. interesting stuff. it is just her medically changed the ticket business. ticket resellers and scalpers. >> thank you, cory. ebay's marketplace is still the core of the business. how are they keeping their digital business booming? that is next. >> the core of the business is still the ebay marketplace. how is ebay making it better? jon erlichman is back with more in that. >> you're right about that. the marketplace is half the revenue and two thirds of the operating income. i found myself curious. what is the guy that runs the marketplace buying this year? >> game consoles. we are the world's biggest store. >> i asked that because you are what doesdata-driven. the average shopper by? are there any major businesses between the competitive layers out there? >> it is the world's largest store. there are a half million items for sale. what we do see during the holidays as it becomes
discovered by the telescope. >> you are kind of the nsa of science. >> yeah, i guess that's a way of putting it. we are the collection agency for universal radiation. >> why the quiet zone? >> the energy that it normally receives is equivalent to the energy of an by a single snowflake hitting the ground. >> with no white noise on the radio or cell phone use, living in green bank is like traveling back in time. >> your life is a little slower, old-fashioned. >> general store sells everything and if you need to call home, use the payphone. it's a couple of miles down the road. and in case you were wondering, it costs $.50 to make a local call these days. >> and ring they have someone to enforce -- and they have someone to enforce the rules around town. most residents comply, but there is some rebellion. >> someone used to have a wi-fi access point set up and the name of it was "s crewyounraoprivateproperty." >> i live in the city and it drives me crazy. >> i said, listen. and everybody looked around and said, i don't hear nothing. and i said, that's what i like about this. >> greenburg, west v
their parents. that is remarkable. >> and falling behind in scores on math. and science. engineering. >> 25 years ago, if you are a ,ropout, you could work a lathe a bowling machine. there are a lot of jobs. jobs, there is low level at fast food restaurants and hospitals. if you want a decent job, you have to use a computer. you have to speaking wish. all of these manuals, they are not in creole or portuguese. spanish. they are in english. today being a dropout is a tragedy. yound once you lose a step, lose a second and third and fourth step. >> and literacy. there is this amazing correlation. 80 for -- 85% of people in prison are illiterate. >> you and so many people i know use,e deceased, some in but all passionate about education. passionate. all have resources. all have a voice. all, one of the issues is recognizing the problem. i do not think it was clear 10, 20 years ago. when world war ii started, our army was smothered in the netherlands. we did not know how bad hitler was. he have to recognize that. now we say, there are 45 million kids in public school. decent them get a education
science. it says it will still provide ancestry related information and raw genetic a that without interpretation. all day today bloomberg west is taking you inside ebay. it has survived and thrived through the dotcom bubble and the aftermath. just how big is the business today? emily chang has the numbers behind ebay. >> ebay, the global e-commerce and payment company with more in 331,000 employees countries around the world, driving three different businesses. there is the online marketplace, where 124 million active users buy, sell, or bid on more than 500 million items. in the u.s. alone, a flatscreen screen tv is sold every six minutes. sunglasses, a pair every 18 seconds. 300 62 pieces of clothing, shoes, or accessories are sold just on mobile devices. -- then there is pay paul paypal. payments 129 million times last quarter, more than the population of the u.s., south america, and australia combined. finally, ebay enterprise, helping technology through touch screen walls and mobile payments through mode -- more than 500 of the biggest brands among likely buy, mattel, and so
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)